Browser & Mobile Device Support

Browser & Mobile Device Support

ETV ON-DEMAND is designed to support its full-featured set on all popular browsers. This page clearly enumerates which browsers are supported.  To date Google Chrome provides the best performance for video playback.  Some mobile devices may require use of third-party software such as The Puffin Browser or Dolphin to view the videos.

This support article is up to date as of March 23, 2014.  Additional devices and information will come available as it is received.

Desktop Browsers

This table lists which desktop browsers are fully supported by Silverlight, using HTML5 and/or Flash.  Please note: the "-" symbol denotes unknown:

Browser HTML5 Silverlight
Chrome 1 yes yes
Firefox 1 yes yes
Internet Explorer 8 - 9 yes yes
Internet Explorer 10 - 11 yes yes
Opera 1 yes yes
Safari 1 yes yes
  1. New versions are frequently released.

All Silverlight Player features are supported on these browsers, with the exception of media playback. In a nutshell, not all browsers support WebM video and Vorbis audio.


Mobile Devices

Although we do not officaially provide support for mobile devices, third party software(s) are readily available on the internet to accomodate playback for most devices.

If you have any questions regarding mobile devices, please feel free to contact us.